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I had a lot of fun playing this horror game, thank you for sharing your game.  I just posted my LP of this game to my YouTube channel, please stop by anytime and check it out, we'd love to have you.

Very interesting game. I wasn't expecting it to go the way it did. Great job!

It was boring because there was no sound, but the content itself was interesting. It's a short game that ends in 5 minutes, but I want to try it. I leave a video of me.

good short game

Woodtrail is a game where you seemingly commit vehicular manslaughter, and a serial killer proceeds to take your rightful claim. Strangely enough however, things might not be what they seem...

This is one of those games where you have to speculate what is going on. After having run over someone and following their blood into the woods, you are chased by a killer and hit by a car yourself; this in it of itself is a coincidence, but you soon find out that you yourself hit yourself with the car. At least throughout two playthroughs, the only logical conclusion I could come up with is that you're in a timeloop, which is an interesting idea and one that could easily be expanded upon to be a full game honestly.

The only bug I could find in the game was that once you get hit by the car, the trigger for being able to walk towards the shed again seems to be awkwardly placed which causes you to run into an invisible wall if you move too fast (nothing that prevents you from finishing the game however).

All in all, this is a short thriller game that leaves you with more questions than answers; it'd be really nice to see the dev flesh out the story a bit more!

My playthrough:


Thanks for making me SHIT MY PANTS!

Nice game!! Thanks for making I really enjoyed it.  

Great game!!

Neat concept!  Just when you think the game is over...


I was so scared that I went full circle which made it seem like I'm not scared at all. Yeah. That's what happened. 

It made me so jumpy lol

it was a kind of loop game...which i hate coz those types of games can get very scary

Comments below clip;

A compact little game, on low res. I really liked the surprises, as they tie the entire story together. All in all, a lovable play through and you manged to scare my wife and make her stop breathing. Luckily this isn't an hour long event, otherwise she'd be hospitalized :o] Well done, and kudos to all involved. I enjoyed playing it.

Great game! The jumpscares got me!

Good job!!! Really enjoyed this!!! ;) 

Neat little game, good work :)

Nice one

This GAME dose not have any reason to be jump scaring ME the way it did GOOD work Shortoise I almost Fell off the stool I play ON!

YouTuber: FifthLeafKeizzy

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timestamp 11:56

That Jumpscare LOL!

Check this out!

Fun game loved it!! TY

Had a lot of fun playing your game it is in my 3 horror games video your game starts at 07:20 awesome game  

A nice and fun little horror game!


Man these jumpscares

Had a fun time playing this game. Very well made. Here's my funny moments while playing (PLEASE CHECK OUT) 

I wasn't expecting any of this! Good job on the jumpscares! I really enjoyed it! 

Just played this game. I really enjoyed this. Horror was good.. Was not expecting that.. Is there going to be more horror?:O


loved the game keep it up!! 

Woodtrail begins at 4:10. This was a decent experience, I like the subtle creepiness of wandering the woods to an abandoned cabin. While there wasn't too many spooks, it definitely had an enjoyable charm that had me replaying the game over and over again to experience more! 

this game was really scary and I loved the Loop edition to the game 10/10 :)

Playing 2 games

Nice little game, had fun testing it!

These types of games are ALWAYS scary.. I love the style alot!

Nice short game! ✌✌✌✌

Hey good game, I really liked the experience. Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

3 Scary Games

Hope You Enjoy!!!

Is The Last Game I play.

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